Friday, March 17, 2023

Alpaca Tours Wakefield

Book your Alpaca Tour here:

  • There is an online farm store and boutique  with the host farm, which can be reserved in advance at least 2 days  before your tour and picked up on site only after email confirmation is received. Pick up at the back door of the old farmhouse to the left of the bottom of the hill at the entrance tour location!  Click link below to order  custom local Alpaca products,  fresh eggs and salsa in advance:  

Tour Description

If you want to do something really unique, exotic and special, come have a 90 minute visit with our friendly, adorable Alpacas in beautiful Wakefield Quebec!

All participants will have a chance to handle and guide one of our alpacas.  While supervising participants with animals, we will have interactions, petting, strolling and feeding.  If you choose not to participate in Alpaca interactions you can still be in the tour. All levels of comfort will be customized and adapted. 

Participants must follow our safety instructions as instructed. Tours happen in all reasonable weather or are rescheduled. 

*Please be sure to read and share all info and instructions below in order to participate 


One reservation ticket is good for:

  • $60 total for 2 participants (any age)
  • extra adults (13+) add $15
  • extra children (5-12 yrs) add $10
  • toddlers are free with strict adult supervision

Important Payment details:

  • Kindly bring cash payment with you to present to guide after the tour.
  • You may e-transfer us either via email or phone number (to be provided after tour).
  • No deposits or pre-payments needed.
  • Please respectfully show up on time or you will miss the meeting location departure 

Meeting Location

At Rona

    924 Chemin Riverside Drive, Wakefield, Quebec 

    Alpaca Tours Wakefield

    Book your Alpaca Tour here:

    Or scan the QR code below to book!

    Tour Instructions


    By booking this Alpaca Tour on our calendar, all attending agree to participate at their own risk, with animals & farm grounds, following our clear safety instructions. 

    • Read and share this website reference with all parties of the tour
    • Please do not go to farm location in advance. Everybody meets at the Rona in Wakefield at Rona (924 Ch Riverside) and we proceed to the location together. It is a private farm by reservation only. See their store site for details.
    • Arrive 10 minutes before your tour (at 924 Ch Riverside, Wakefield) to respect everyone’s time.
    • Tours are 90 minutes start to finish.
    • Please wait for instructions before you approach the alpacas for safety reasons.
    • Pregnant women or parents with strollers/carriers with children under 5 can observe safely at the sidelines with an adult supervising each child, for safety reasons.
    • All children 12 and under need adult supervision during tour and with handling animals.
    • Adults need both hands free to visit with an animal safely. Children cannot hold the lead rope. While guiding an animal, no cell phones or petting permitted for safety reasons.
    • Wear proper weather appropriate footwear and apparel. Be prepared for all weather conditions.
    • A clean outhouse is available on site.
    • Alpacas like green lettuces and small pieces of vegetables or baby carrots, if you want to bring some. We have feed included.
    • If you are feeling sick please stay home.

    Thank you. 

    See you soon! 

    Alpaca Tours Wakefield

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