Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Critic Elle Assistance

Many references from clients around the city! Consulting for small businesses, individuals and households

-Personal Assistant: For example; for estates and downsizing, housekeeping, easy paperwork, photos, preparing and supporting moves, fire clean up, meals sourced and delivered or prepared at your home, shopping and errands, house plant care when on vacation, soft landscaping and more! Or custom design your needs and approach me.

-Natural Organizing skills (some aspects recently influenced by Marie Kondo's book)

-Personal Cook or host for small parties or diet goals or busy families for example, designed by me or you.

-Space improvement and guidance for harmony in your home and business

-Guidance through Tasseography Coffee Readings

Friday, October 05, 2012

Welcome to Red Door Wellness Services

Cooking in Nosara, Costa Rica at Casa Nina


I am available to assist you with a variety of integral services. Self employed since 2001 and an ongoing independent researcher of health and nutrition and sustainable living from a young age.
  • Healthy cooking or personal chef in your home, small events or retreat groups
  • Tasseography - Coffee Cup Readings for focusing on the present you!
  • Organizing, downsizing, estate clean up, eco cleaning 
  • Wellness assessment of your home and your life
  • Shopping tours to show you the healthiest personally researched products
  • Certified Permaculture Design Consulting and Gardening
  • Landscape clean up and maintenance.
  • Fun Photography and more
I network with a large growing tribe of wonderful people. I have a wealth of information researched independently or learned through courses or on the go through travels, jobs, experiences and connecting with people from all walks of life. I continue to learn and share. I look forward to working together!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Tasseography ~ Coffee Cup Readings.....

"Yesim has one of the most glorious minds. She dazzles you with matter of facts and startling truths. Her ability to describe and paint a picture of your past, present and future paths is truly awakening. I recommend a reading for its brilliance, but also do it for the joy and the intricate re-imagination of what it means to be you! 

~ Darin McBratney, Nosara Yoga Spa, Costa Rica

"To meet Yesim is to meet coffee cup readings, and vice versa. The readings sensitivity and intuition of Yesim gently opened certain doors of my mind. The readings I received helped lift the veil which was upon my thoughts and projections.   I took these readings as signals that anticipated changes in the road. It is a mistake to take them as divination, and expect them to happen. They are just projections of your actual thoughts, and as such, you can change them. Change your thoughts, you change the path. Readings help clarify the trends of your current thoughts. From a yogic perspective, I consider coffee cup readings as mental kriya (cleansing action). Considered as signs, helping to relieve mental strain and shows the person concerned a "map" of the projections of the thoughts. A very useful tool. I highly recommend you do a reading by Yesim.  Helps to change harmful mental patterns, and reaffirm the positive."

Marcelo Orsetti,  Ayur Yoga professor, Massage and Sweat Lodge Therapist ~ Argentina

"Yesim has an extraordinary clairvoyant ability.  When we met for our reading, I had no idea what to expect as the nature of her services are unique but she quickly put me at ease with her relaxed and confident manner.  This is someone for whom divination is like breathing; in short, it is second nature.  Yesim reads coffee grinds and it is worth noting that Turkish coffee itself is delicious!  I thoroughly enjoyed the ritual of our drinking it together and even more so Yesim's interpretation of what was left in my cup.  Her reading was specific, accurate and resonated deeply with me at the time.  In fact, I regret not taking her up on her offer to record it as so many of her predictions came true that it would have been helpful to reflect once again on all she had to say.  

In the time that has passed since our reading, I have had an opportunity to work with Yesim and without a doubt, she is a professional with tremendous integrity and heart.  She genuinely cares for her clients and humanity as a whole and goes above and beyond in her efforts to do good.  Any one who comes into contact with her will be struck by the beauty of her spirit.  It is my pleasure to recommend her as one of Ottawa's foremost practitioners of the mystic arts." 

Suzanne Duc ~ Tarot Readings ~ Ottawa  

Story, Guidance, Investment

"Whatever is my state, is my fate"
"Ne se halim, olsun Falim"

I am genetically pure Turkish from Sinop, Turkey, born and raised in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. I have been guiding friends and family with my gift from an early age on with beautiful feedback locally and around the world.

Participate clearly, openly and freely with truth and trust in your higher self and in me and you will receive the guidance and inspiration you sat down for. 

Both tea leaves and coffee cup readings are known as Tasseography, or Tasseomancy. Coffee Readings are intuitive readings done by using a cup of coffee and its grinds as the medium. Ground Turkish coffee is mostly used. The residue is left at the bottom of the cup after the coffee is drunk, when the cup is then covered with a saucer, shaken, and turned over (up side down) into the saucer, and left to cool and dry. The patterns formed on the inside of the cup trigger insight; and are interpreted according to what they mean to the seer. The cup shows a story to the seer based on how you thoughts have created your life projections at the present moment. You have a chance to check in and renovate or look forward to things! Heal the past and be present and trust in the Divine and nature. Its all up to you and your choices. You are the master of your own destiny. Own it. Believe it!

It is important to know what kind of reading you seek. I may not see the specifics you are looking for but I do provide an accurate map about the most important details for you to revise or appreciate as it stands at the moment. The past is a memory in the present dictating your future. Your actions are created by you and you are in control of where you are steering your ship at all times. This is what I show you. Where you are sitting and tools you have in your personality that help or hinder. Reminding you of  your strengths and weaknesses and your sense of humor. A cup is neither negative or positive it is neutral and a projection. You choose.

Your Divine Investment

Individual single reading in person and at events is $75. 

Online Reading $80

Group rate Private or Open Circle $60 each and host pays $40

3 hr Workshops are $90 and host pays $70 min 4 people . 

Reading extensions are $40 per half hour.

Out of town readings add $10 for single reading 

See below for details! Thank you!

  • Distant Online/telephone readings world wide! Typed out and sent to your email or live by Skype yesimgumus11 or over the phone. Equally effective, many clients world wide! Long distance online readings are done by email or Skype I drink the coffee with your Divine permission holding the space and intention for you.... 
  • Online or through an agent or event. Online readings are paid by Pay Pal or email money transfer to 
  • Individual reading  is in person. At local locations seen below or of your choice. Intimate, powerful and enjoyable!
  • Group open circle (everyone hears all readings) 
  • Groups for individual private readings please gather a minimum of 4 including host, and a maximum of 6 including host 
  • Groups for open circle readings please gather a minimum of 5 including host and a max of 8 including host
  • Workshops are 3 hours in depth!
  • All group readings please expect 30 min per person for open circle readings and 45 min per person for individual readings add 30 min to your to your stay for the 15 minutes to drink the coffee and have it cool for an additional 15  min.
  • If people show up late or don't show up last minute they will be asked to pay for an online reading at a future date of their choice to be respectful of others participants timing and my travel and time and to honor group rates given to the others. Please bring exact change. Or pay ahead instructions above.
  • Trade offers considered and welcome. Please ask. Also if finances are an issue I will consider whatever you can honestly, fairly and reasonably afford to help support me and get the guidance you seek to help keep the circle strong ~ appreciated...
  • Record the reading on your own phone or device if you wish you or you or I can take notes!
The readings could take up to an hour or less. Please be on time or your reading will be shorter or changed to an online reading if others are waiting, especially in groups. 

I gift readings at times to charity or events for advertising or just to give. 

Please feel free to contact me for further explanation. 


Happy Goat Coffee Co. in Hintonburg, Ottawa. 

Bridgehead Coffee Roasters 

The Wild Oat Bakery and Cafe Bank and Fourth in the Glebe, Ottawa

Or any location of your choice with espresso for sale in demi tasse cups

Please contact me to make all private or group/party arrangements above call there to make the appointment.

Till are in the drivers seat, always, so where do you want to go?

A neat site I found for more information is

Recommended Fellow Intuitive!

Mrs. Rolland Thompson
Tarot of Marseilles 
Card Reading
13 Imp. Kayak, Aylmer
Gatineau, P.Q. J9H 5C2

Yasemin Gumus ~ Tarot ~ 613 622-1001

Suzanne Duc

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Healthy Natural Foods Cook...... on the move.....

Natural Foods Cook

 Right: My Raw Pizzas at The New Life Retreat

~Yesim Gumus~

Magical Cooking, just for you, since 2001 

How would you like to come home to a clean kitchen and delicious, fabulous, healthy home cooked foods that you chose and that you know you love, ready to eat or prepped or freezable for the week? No more expensive questionable take-out and stressed out and late 8pm dinners. For example,
  • I am a Personal Chef for busy families, retreats, or businesses or individuals. Imagine, your kids come home earlier than you from school to find me happily cooking there with amazing things they like to eat, all ready to go <3 li="">
  • Personal Chef  for retreat groups by contract 
  • The "co host labor" for small parties and special occasions or Pot Luck organizer and presenter
  • Preparing of custom foods to be picked up by special order for individuals, groups, charities, small venues, personal advertising purposes or something else customized or just to donate or GIVE.

I am available for cooking clients anywhere but mainly in Arnprior, Almonte, Ottawa (Bells corners is my neighborhood) , for the days of the work week or special events. We can meet or correspond and go from there with details and negotiate something that works well for all of us.

  • Typically I to come to your home once a week for 3-5 hours of your choice and dish it up for you anyway YOU like it, using your exact instructions, your kitchen and your supplies.
  •  I provide the labor. I am a super efficient extension of you. 
  • You buy the groceries or leave me a specific list to buy, you bookmark your favorite recipes, leave me a list of allergies and dislikes and I give you hours of awesome cooking and clean up.
  •  I also leave you a list of needed groceries afterwards if things run out with recommendations for ingredients and the best places to buy them, lending you years of independent health food research.
  • $25-$35 and hour depending on our interview of your needs, 3 hour minimum locally, 5 hour minimum closer regions.

In addition to the meals - I can bake up a storm (gluten free anyone?) and also cut up ready-to-eat fresh veggies (you know the ones that go bad in the bottom drawers...), wash and spin salad with a homemade dressing, and use up perishables for soups or stock, so nothing goes to waste.  Specializing in healthy concepts, integral meats, vegetarian, vegan, special diets or raw/living meals with many influences from around the world.

I will cook any type of food to suit your needs and budget. My focus is on local, organic, regional,  seasonal foods with environmental awareness where possible. I honor all food that comes my way. I can help you make a slow or fast transition to healthy food choices if you so desire! Or just catch a glimpse at healthy eating. Anything is possible.........I can also guide you towards healthy food changes by taking a stroll with you through your fridge and cupboards or at the grocery store of your choice. You are welcome to assist and learn with cooking any day. You will be amazed at how your fridge stops haunting you and starts feeding you! You have more food sitting around than you think..... allow me to show you.

A few of my clients are or were, Pete Bernard and Karin Scott , Randi Cherry and Robert D' Aoust, Formerly Hollow Tree Yoga, Rama Lotus Yoga Centre and Yoga Garden Retreat, Madeline Dietrich Holistic Psychotherapist, The New Life Retreat, Andy Fisher-Ecopsychology, Peter Blanchard-People and Planet Friendly, Caroline Bookless-Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Wanderlust Reality in Nosara Costa Rica, Costa Rica Yoga Spa - Darin McBratney, Nancy Stewart, Ceo Gaudet, Eileen Scully, Angela Cheng, Robert Hay,  Jıllıan Hovey Sustainable Living Network with a reference and more!

Please Google Yesim Gumus Personal Chef, for many references and links throughout the years such as the one below.

Healthy Cooking around the World

Cooking soon in a country near you...

Available for property management companies,  private homes, client meetings, or friends that want to be pampered with the very best in Natural foods.
All food is prepared with love and integrity. 

I look forward to hearing from you and helping each other.....thank you to all of you who have supported me, and for all of your generosity, love, appreciation and gratitude. Lets continue to keep the circle strong.....

So then, "the best way to get something done is to begin", shall we? Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.

With Gratitude and  Love, Yesim

Monday, August 13, 2012

Permaculture Design Consultant

I had the honor of receiving a Permaculture Design Certificate in December 2010 from Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison in Istanbul, Turkey, my native homeland.

I am proudly available to help create small Permaculture Gardens, Balcony Gardens or community projects by request this spring and summer in Ottawa West and area.

Details of past course in Istanbul and in general follows:.

"Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton went to Istanbul to teach students from Europe and the Middle East. The Permaculture Design Certificate course started on November 21, 2010 and finished on December 4.
Since the first Permaculture Design Course was offered in 1972, people from widely diverse backgrounds and interests have graduated. Farmers, ranchers, landowners, foresters, landscape designers, architects, builders, planners, developers, accountants, financiers, bankers, publishers, attorneys, aid workers, educators, environmentalists and high school students have all brought Permaculture techniques into their homes, businesses and communities. This course is for anyone interested in gaining practical skills and perspective for sustainable living and productivity.

During these two week courses, you will gain an understanding of Permaculture theory, building your knowledge in all the aspects necessary to become fully conversant with Permaculture design. By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently create your first Permaculture design plan."

 Below is the latest course being offered by Geoff and Bill.,%20Melbourne%20University%29

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Intuitive Food Guidance

~Intuitive Food Guidance~ Open your mind and your mouth to healthy whole foods. Approx. 4 hr sessions in your kitchen and at local shops.

Included: At your home, an interview and goal listing, taking notes, grocery listing, where to shop and shopping, sorting through your food cupboards, whole foods prep and eating of course! I will help guide you towards a healthier lifestyle based on your current goals. Small groups or one on one. Flexible negotiated investment and structure of course. Approach me with ideas. Group discounts....

We vote with every dollar we spend! Lets start choosing healthy items so demand will continue to increase supply and Natural/Organic/Local foods will be even more affordable......Buy bulk and share with friends or join in with food co-ops, Community Shared Agriculture, find your local farmers who deliver to support them directly! Please feel free to contact me openly, or to let me know of your contacts! Also check my links.

Health Research & Guidance

~Independent Health Researcher/Guidance. Using references, referrals and personal experience to help guide you. Over 17 years of digging around for information and ongoing.....Email me with questions and I will forward you the guidance. If it is a lot of research or requested often we can negotiate an investment for my time.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


SERVICES, UPCOMING AND ONGOING EVENTS, TRADESPEOPLE, AND ENTERTAINMENT TO NETWORK here, see my links for more of what your looking for or not looking for.......


Long distance!!!! Get it together, get a plan! Or use phone cards, wayyyy is the one we have.....

Just enter my phone number 613-623-5804 and send, they will call you and set you up, you get a 10$ credit and I get 20$ then you can do the same! Its cheap, reliable and great BUT you need to sign up for a plan, its not automatic, ask about the plans.


Feel like Dancing????Celebrating all things funky, soulful and innovative that move your soles on two turntables and a microphone, every 3rd Friday of the Month at the Eri Café

Cafe Nostalgica! An awesome University Pub with great music!!!!

With its raw blaring horns, dusty retro keyboards, and drop-dead nasty beats, the Souljazz Orchestra is drop-kickin' jazz music into the 21st century, - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

... are now available in the discography. Sign up for my newsletter list and be updated on upcoming events and gigs. Banner. Copyright 2007 Devin - 4k - Cached - Similar pages


Joe offers modality-free healing sessions to accommodate differing needs and paths to healing.
"As a facilitator in the Healing Arts, it is my honour and responsibility to provide safe and sacred experiences for both individuals and community, rooted in my relationship with the innate healing gifts of the body (Earth) and Spirit. With the infinite help and expertise of seen and unseen keepers of the spirit world, my intention is to guide the healing process and witness the surrender to Spirit, to the Mystery and Magic that we are literally dying to embrace."

We are a full service organization that offer a complete range of healing services from tracking to discover what your issue is about, energy healing & medicine, Spirit Journeys, Space Clearings, and more. We have extensive experience in working with people, pets, plants, and spaces. 
“We are of service to all life present, past, and future and we honor that sacredness by providing the Ceremonies and Rituals that help to heal life by training The New People with expert knowledge and support them with the best training and materials available while helping cultivate their own Medicines within them.”

Devin Johnstone is a certified Thai massage practitioner and teacher with four years of experience and an extensive background in oriental health and - 3k - Cached - Similar pages

Toning, Chanting, Crystal Bowls and more!

For Sale & Recycle Your Stuff!

and search post

I am accepting your unwanted quality clothing, accessories and other functional misc. items to pass on!

I can find good homes within our circle or the community for your stuff. The local charities can get overloaded with stuff and are getting ridiculously expensive at times so we feel we could on a small scale pass things on. If you are in need of anything specific drop me a line and if it comes around I will call you to pick it up. I often curb side shop and am a great second hand hunter at times who comes across some cool stuff and I don't always pick it up unless I hear from you that you need it!